Taf Lathos Full Band

Taf Lathos, real name Panagiotis Kyriakou, is a Greek Hip Hop artist, based in Athens, Greece.

Writing and spitting rhymes for  15 years , Taf Lathos today sits at the very forefront of the Greek Hip Hop scene.

He is the leader and owner of Bashment records, a collective that hosts more than 20 artists, a self-owned studio and a cafe & record store.

Taf Lathos is a solo artist, an experienced studio sound engineer, but also a member of one of the most successful underground Greek Hip Hop bands ever, called Psychodrama 07.

Panagiotis, publicly known as Taf Lathos, has gained reputation through his lyricism and skills, his Ethos in his writing and musical composition, through the truth he is reflecting, but also through his musicality and originality, resulting in consecutive Sold Out shows by the vast number of devoted followers throughout Greece.

Having released 5 full LP’s and 10+ singles, with recordings in Athens & Tokyo. His latest work is “DECA”, a Long Play music album but also a movie, as he & his associates produced and filmed 10 video clips. Each one a has a story of its own but when seen All Ten together, they form a movie.

His bookings diary is constantly hectic with Solo and Festival billings throughout Greece and Europe.


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