SAKIN, real name Nikas (the alias came from spelling the name backwards), was born in 1990 in Athens, Greece. He could not avoid Hip Hop even if he wanted to, as it was his older brother that blasted Rap music day and night inside their childhood room.

His first attempts on the mic came at the stage of adolescence. However, it was his most strict judge – himself that is – who decided he wasn’t good enough, so he turned his interests elsewhere.
It took him 5 years studying the music until he grabbed a mic again. This time, a close friend urged him to get into the studio and after continuous exercise and rehearsal, SAKIN recorded his first track in 2011 (still unreleased – being played live only).

His first track to see the light on YouTube and Soundcloud came in 2012 and it was the starting point of a big circle entitled “Black Light”, compiled by this first track and 26 ! more to follow, in a process that lasted seven whole years. That was SAKIN’s first Long Player release, opening the way for those to follow.

Fast forward to 2019, SAKIN collaborates with producer Two Tokens and records 9 tracks at Mixdown Studio, under the guidance of JK One (Phase 3, Muddy Vibez). The project went afterwards to Jimmy Fo for its final mixing and mastering and this was the birth of “All Star”, SAKIN’s best and most professional work up to this day. “All Star” and its live presentation placed him strongly in the game and fueled him with confidence for the future.

Watch this space, as SAKIN is about to go upwards.


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