Rammenos Assos

Rammenos Assos was born in 1996. He is an MC and member of Bashment Records.

The official kick-off came in 2015 when, after some random singles, he released his first complete work, “Drunk City” EP.

Just a year later, he returns with his first Long Play, entitled “Mauve”, followed by the single “At War”, a track that was widely well-received, shifted eyebrows and placed Rammenos Assos inside the Greek underground Hip Hop Culture.

With his productivity levels hitting constant reds and under the same pattern, Rammenos Assos returns with yet another Long Play, entitled “Circle”, to be followed very soon after with “At War Part 2”. It was that time when Rammenos Assos was going full throttle, with Singles, Feats and Live performances to come one after the other, concluding in his 3rd Album, in September 2018, entitled “Katarammenos”. This was the epilogue of a 3-year frenzy circle of creativity.

2019 was the first year with no release, as Rammenos decide to turn the page and raise the bar higher, aiming to release his most significant work. 

This brings us to the present day. On April 6th, Rammenos Assos and Bashment Records release “Virus Of Realism”. A 10-Track Album, with beats by Sumo and Wise, including 2 very important feats by 2 of the best and most respectable Greek MC’s, Taf Lathos and Zografos, and with scratches and cuts by 2 Dj Micro and Sativa, who is also responsible for the engineering, mixing and mastering of the Album at Black Spot Studio.

Rammenos Assos today, demonstrates 4 LPs, 1 EP and 52 ! tracks more, singles and feats, counting an impressive 100 tracks, within just 5 years, cementing his position as one of the most active MCs of the Greek underground Hip Hop scene.


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