Muddy Vibez

Muddy Vibez are :

Odysseas [ Razastarr ] // JK One [ Phase 3 ] // DJ Wheel M [ Razastarr – Phase 3 ]
Three artists that are no strangers to the scene. Two thirds of the legendary Razastarr but also two thirds of legendary Phase 3, at the same time.

Their quality and experience is unquestionable, even to the less acquainted.

An amalgamation of two legendary Greek Hip Hop groups, by 3 artists but first and foremost friends, that already have a long and crucial career. Odysseas, JK One and DJ Wheel-M meet musically with each one adding his own ingredients to a raw Hip Hop band consisting of 2 MC’s & 1 DJ.

The result of this collaboration is their first studio album, entitled “Afetiria”, out now on their official YouTube channel and to limited number of CD’s.


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