Monimos Katoikos

Monimos Katoikos, real name Nikos Lazaridis, was born in 1988 in the city of Chalkida, Greece and grew up in the city of Thiva, where he started making his first musical steps.

He released his first Solo Album at the age of 17, in 2005, entitled “My Way”.

Moving forward to his University years, he moved to Athens and quickly became a member of “Hit & Rap”, a self-managed political-musical team. It was then that his urge in writing became insatiable with this resulting in him releasing an Album every two years.

“Everyday Stories” in 2008, “Adventures of Little Nickolas” in 2010 and “Once Upon A Time” in 2012, which also featured his first Video Clip for the track “The Voice”, a video that was widely received, counting 2 million views on YouTube, back in the “distant” 2012. 

These releases, as well as his stand towards politics and society, placed him in the forefront of the political Rap scene that was going on during that era in Greece.

Monimos Katoikos became a frequent in such line ups for Live concerts and Festivals throughout Greece, with most of them being held in self-managed spaces for various solidarity causes.

Moving on to 2013, he would be the co-founder of 5th Season Records, releasing a double LP entitled “Hansel & Gretel”, which included the song “First Train”, which was meant to be his most successful Video up to this day, counting 2,7 million views on YouTube and placing him among the most  popular Greek Rap artists of that time.

His next release came in 2016 and was enitled “Adventures of Little Nickolas Vol.2 – Alcohol, Obsessions, Demons”, which encapsulated the state he was at the time. It was then that Monimos Katoikos decide to go on a 4-year “hiatus”, to try and re-invent himself to new musical directions within the Rap genre.

Which brings us to 2020 and his latest release entitled “Milk”,  a 7-track Extened Play, which signals the new era for Monimos Katoikos. New era, with new sound, new concepts, new ideas, but under the same Ethos.

Monimos Katoikos means Permanent Resident in English. 

And one thing for sure; Nikos is here to stay.


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