Mi55t, real name Theoni Antoniou, is a Rap artist born and raised in Athens, Greece.

She is rightly considered one of the best and most active female Rappers in Greece, as in the past decade, her releases, collaborations and Live performances speak for themselves.

But let’s take it from the top;

Mi55t started putting down lyrics at the age of 15, but it wasn’t until 2010 that she started releasing tunes on YouTube. Fast forward to 2015 when her debut album “Calm Power” is released on YouTube and Bandcamp, receiving critical acclaim.
The past 5 years saw Mi55t collaborating with acknowledged Greek MC’s such as Odysseas (Razastarr-Muddy Vibez), Twinsanity, Soulnek, Ghetto Rock, Kid Murdok, A.Y. (Wrongface), to name but a few, while releasing her own Singles whenever she feels the urge to express, on the beats of some of the best beatmakers Greece has to offer, such as Billa Qause,  Yegor Cergei, Primal, Madness Key, Deezy, Ghetto Rock, and Yonassis to name but a few.

Today, more mature and better than she’s ever been, she is recording her 2nd highly anticipated Full Length Album.

As far as Live performances go, Mi55t is the undisputed Queen of the mic on stage, as she has been included in the line up for festivals like Rap Monsters, Off The Hook, THHF and has performed alongside Top International acts such as Dirty Dike and Jam Baxter, Reverie and Gavlyn as well as besides Greek legends like Razastarr, to name but a few.

What is there to say about mi55t really ? The best for her is yet to come.


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