Fundracar is not another “band”. It’s a unique music collective.

Based in Athens, Greece, Fundracar cannot be categorized into a music genre. Not even in four. On the contrary, Fundracar have created their own unique sound by blending Reggae, Punk, Rock, Funk in an adrenaline – fueled, psychedelic vibe.

They incorporate electric guitars, synthesizers, trumpet and sax, even human beatboxing, all based on drums, while displaying subversive, many times provocative lyrics, to create an audio typhoon that makes you trip, while entertaining you, while draining you emotionally.

The 7-piece collective of talented musicians, counts 13 years inside studios & on stages. Fundracar have released 3 Full-Length Albums, 1 EP and numerous singles & collabs.  They have performed to some of the biggest festivals in Greece, in numerous events for good cause, while they have self-produced some of the most memorable nights within the Greek independent music scene.