Event Promotion

All events are from the people and for the people.Letting people know about an event is almost the very essence serving the cause. Gaining experience through the effort of promoting our own events, why not promote yours ?

Specialized in music events, but not limited to, we can carry out a full promotional plan, consisting of

– Professional Photo shooting
– Full Event Artwork
– Full Press Packs
– Social Media – Planning, Management & Campaigns
– Posters – Production & Placement
– Flyers – Production & Distribution
– Web Sites or Micro Sites
– Interviews
– Competitions
– Paid Promotions & Sponsored Ads
– Promotional Videos
– After Movies
– Post-event publicity

Taf Lathos – Lifo Interviews
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2016 – https://www.lifo.gr/articles/music_articles/79072


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