DJ Micro

DJ Micro is a professional DJ and sound engineer based in Athens, Greece.

His consistency on live performances, his contribution on scratches, effects and backing vocals has gained him a permanent position besides Taf Lathos, within Psychodrama 07 and among all artists belonging to Bashment Records’ roster.

He is in fact a cornerstone of Bashment Records, as he is the label’s main sound engineer, having contributed in recording, engineering and mixing the majority of the labels’ releases.

His scratching is easily recognizable as they stand out for the speed, the accuracy but mainly the atmosphere they create as their input is that of a musical instrument when doing a solo.

Dj Micro has performedto a vast number of Live concerts and festivals throughout Greece, Cyprus, France and Belgium, as the backbone of a band or a duo, or as a solo DJ.

Constantly refreshing the approach to his DJ Sets, you can find Dj Micro spinning mainly Hip Hop, incorporating live scratching and effects, making each one of his sets unique.


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